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Links and plans for starting over

January 2023

(Or: Nobody enjoys hearing about your vacation, but just hear me out.)

November 2022

leaving words for posterity
Is everything random?
writing forward into new ways with Substack

October 2022

April 1 // 2022 “Let us call a halt,” Oswald said in his devotional for today. This morning my alarm was set two hours later than normal because it is…
This is Tresta’s Newsletter, a collection of essays on truth, goodness, and beauty.

April 2022

January 1 // 2022 I wonder how many years I have blogged on January 1? I won't look back on that, but I know myself and my fresh-starts and…

January 2022

Courage in Uncertain Territory Hey friends. I hate to say it, but we have been very very awfully busy—that four letter word I despise. It’s antithetical…

July 2021

Feeding a son Last night there were only three of us for dinner. A month ago there were six at our table on a regular evening and I can’t even explain…

June 2021

If I am writing about how the world is, I will tell you this: I write from my bed at 6:21 a.m. this morning and the world is lovely. I need new synonyms…