I'm Tresta, and I'm glad you're here. I write words for you and me, in the hopes that I can better understand what's going on in my world and maybe you can figure some things out in yours, too. God often makes things more clear to me through reading and writing.

In the end, though, we'll still have mysteries and questions unanswered, and we'll still stumble over lessons we thought we'd already learned. That's ok. That's also why I write--to celebrate all there is left to learn about God and to make peace with all that is unknown.

Balance | Perspective | Simplicity

I'm terrible at categorizing posts but I try to stick loosely to these three themes: finding balance in daily life, keeping an eternal perspective and pulling back from the microscope to see the big picture, and keeping things simple. Simple is my favorite.

This is an imperfect place and all the writing and design is my own, unless otherwise noted. It's my home on the web, and just like my real life home, it's more about rest and comfort and less about perfection and formality. I hope you enjoy your visit and let me know you were here!