Five Minute Friday: WRITE

write GO:

Words come without luggage and they bring no commas or semi-colons with them, no pauses to interrupt, and that's when I know to write them. When they strike at the stop light or pour in like water at the sink, I grab the paper. They'll come in floods or broken, fragmented thoughts and I know to get them down.

I put them in ink with scribbled scrawls and make them wait there, hoping no one finds them before their time. 

They make sense in my head and then I have to wrestle them onto paper. I wrestle them into submission and put them in a place that might make sense to someone else.

It doesn't always happen.

When I get them out though, and they land on the screen in some type of order, I have to let go and let them be. I have no power to take them by the hand and walk them into your heart and mind, the way they came from mine.

I would spend my free time writing - which sometimes consists of blank stares and frozen brain cells and another cup of coffee - but when the thaw comes I'm ready. 


Five minutes of free writing on the word WRITE, linked up at Lisa Jo's for Five Minute Friday.