Woe to all who thought life was lived in formulas


Woe to all who thought life was lived in formulas,

Who plugged in the numbers

And waited for results.

Woe to those who thought XYZ

Made 1-2-3

And all but dis-counted God.

He throws in a ringer,

A surprise with a twist,

The formula all a-mess and your plans all amiss.

And woe to all those who don't let go

Of Plan A.

Woe to all who seek to paint by number

A life,

A story,

A straight line to glory.

Nothing will add up for you.


But everything does eventually add up.

All the messes,



And rejects add up.

And you'll get "there",

Fast as He planned,

Quick as you can.

You'll arrive when you realize

That all of the plans are yours to make

But His to shake,

And together it all comes out.

It does. It will.

Keep on. You can.

Don't plan for perfection or make perfect plans.

But be faithful.

And trust Him.