Where are My Glasses? {Five Minutes to Focus}

FOCUS. Sorry for yelling, but I have five minutes to write about this topic: FOCUS.

I could write about the child who's attention I fight to hold over math lessons or phonograms.  The one who I chase like a wild animal, and how just when I get him cornered up to the fence, and just as his breathing slows and I can almost speak slow and gentle to him...someone runs up and asks, "Watcha doin?" and he's off again.


I could write about the struggle to look in the right place with the right attitude and set my mind on things above, not on things in the mirror or the sink or on the floor or spilling over the baskets.

Or maybe the discipline of quiet time.  The set-aside time to FOCUS (sorry for yelling) on written words that speak loud.  The continual hiding away and bringing the heart back and how sometimes I lock the door of my bedroom just to get a second...

How about those times when ten minutes turn into forty-five and all my good intentions and scheduled activities are lost at sea because I lost my FOCUS?

Or how I freak out over little things and walk around looking for my reading glasses and everyone laughs because they're on my head (the glasses) and maybe they're a little nervous that this woman is in charge?

Or how I think without punctuation but speak with many... ellipses...and that's good because we're supposed to be slow to speak and I really have to FOCUS on edifices, aedificium, building them up.

Nah.  I'll write about How to Order Your Home to Create More Focus.  Sounds perfect.

Just another cup of coffee and then I'll start...


{Yep.  Five Minute Friday is here and this week's topic is FOCUS.  I freaked out a little, thinking of how to spend just five minutes on that one.  I'd love to read what you wrote.  Click the link and play along!}