When You Take a Stand

Everyone tells you to be a "yes" mom. Say yes more and no less. Let them make messes and try new things, let your children have some fun and don't be such a worrier.

It all sounds great until they're teenagers, and then the things they ask you take on more weight and require more discernment and your hair just. turns. grey. and your brain might explode from all the decision making.

Maybe that's just me. 

I've never been big on making decisions and that part of motherhood has always been exhausting.

When they are little the questions seem easier, lighter, and less this-could-affect-you-for-the-rest-of-your-life like. But when voices change and baby faces become chiseled and acne-prone, it seems that all the easy questions are gone.

They truly are too big to swaddle in safety and comfort, and there is a pushing and pulling that always happens before a birth.

It is like giving birth again. But this time your labor is to bring an adult into the world, and obviously that hurts.

Raising kids tests your resolve.

And your endurance.

And everything you're sure about.

This post isn't just about young adults, though. Life in general will test you.

walking on the beach

The world pushes on your barriers and it feels like everything is squeezing your resolve, and just when you determine to hold your ground on something, anything, opposition comes.

It comes because you've put your foot down, and it threatens to be shifting sand beneath you.

When you take a stand the world will offer you a seat. 

It will come up with all kinds of alternatives to your hard line, all kinds of reasons why the line should be broader or gentler or easier.

Determine to be unswayed by emotions and feelings when they are mutinous, anarchist, or just too pleading to allow you to think clearly.

Whether it's the doughnuts on the counter the day after you determine to quit sugar, or the great opportunity that comes when you've committed to pruning your schedule, or the bed that grows suction cups and holds you hostage through 10 snooze alarms; taking a stand comes with opposition.

Take courage.

Choose your battles.


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