When You Don't Hear Voices

Owl at Wildlife Safari, tuning out, voices, Five Minute Friday I've been told that I tune people out (just my family, of course).

My husband would come home from work and be amazed at the noise level in our home and I would blissfully smile and comment that "It doesn't seem that bad to me".

And I would fall asleep at night to the sound of my husband's words.  Yes.  While he was talking.

Now I think the tables are turned and my children seem to have me on mute sometimes. I have to fight for eye contact and response, check for pulse, make sure I'm heard.

The ones with the most words are sometimes heard the least, their voices droning and drowning in our own thoughts.

So maybe my kids hear too many of the same words from me.  I hear my own voice and the words they carry and I cringe sometimes. Like the pain of hearing your own voice on the answering machine or home video.

Do I really sound like that?

Stop and listen.


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