When you do your thing

fields Some things you do are amazing.

You don't have to be amazing at everything, because you've just got some things down. 

You will look at your friends and your television and your magazines and think that you don't measure up, and you're right. You don't measure up to everything everyone else is doing.

The problem is that you are seeing the best of each person. You see that she's an amazing cook and someone else is an awesome decorator and she teaches her children well and another seems to thrive on serving people, and you think you have to master all of those things to really measure up.

You will feel less-than and you'll be right, friend. The picture you've painted is a mosaic of the best parts of many people, on their best days, in the best of light. You've followed Picasso and Frankenstein and made a Woman Unnatural and Conglomerate.

You are one person. 

You inspire when you do that thing you do.

You encourage when others see the grace in which you do it.

You are not Every Woman or Superwoman or the ideal woman. 

You are you.

When you do your thing, I will be encouraged and inspired. I will value you apart from the things you do or make because you are God's beloved, and I will value the things you do and make  because they bring beauty to His world.

If you make beautiful cakes, I may call you for help or place an order.

If you decorate amazingly, I may steal your ideas and thank you.

If you serve others I may call you when I see a need that I know you'd thrive in meeting.

If you are an encourager, I will call you when I'm down.

If you are fit and healthy and know how to make your sweat count, I may call you for motivation or ideas or a kick-in-the-pants.

If you teach your children well, I will glean your wisdom and ask you for resources, and I will call you on Those Days.

If you listen well, you may be the one I call for prayer and I may dump a load of concern on you.

Whatever you do, just point me always to Jesus. I'm too quick to look to people for answers and methods.

And whatever I do, I commit to remembering that you are one person doing your thing. I commit to encouraging you genuinely and never (please, Lord) ever comparing my everyday to your best day.

I will cheer with you and pray with you and learn from you and not be threatened by your awesome.

You. Are. My. Friend.

You are amazing.


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