What Makes a Husband Great

It's your day and this space is for you. It's my little quirky offering of love, and a very short list of why I love you... You laugh at me and with me. One of the hallmarks of our marriage and one of the advices I give to newlyweds, to laugh together. Life is not always funny, but you can always make me smile.

Together we drive the kids crazy, or make them think we're crazy, but we have enough inside jokes and random songs to weather any storm. All it takes is a raise of the eyebrow and we're on the same page.

Scary sometimes, how you can read my mind.

You lead with conviction and humility. The kids and I are a wayward bunch, but you are always on the watch for our souls and it's no easy task. You are our scout and our trusty guide, bringing us back when we get off-track and leading us on according to the Lord's direction. I trust you because you trust Him.

You shoot straight. Too straight, sometimes, and the girls and I try to point out the error of your ways. The boys shift slowly to your side of the kitchen, not knowing why the females in the room are all ruffled and steaming.

You smooth things over and back track a little, for our sakes, but "the dress comment" will live in infamy. You never had sisters and you didn't learn about sensitive clothing-hair-and-make-up issues, and now you have us. Two daughters and a wife, each of us a little sensitive at times. We forgive you, though.

And we will still ask you if we look okay, because we know you'll tell the truth.

You can fix anything. Really. With a wrench or a chainsaw or a hammer or your bare hands, with words or prayers or twinkly-eyed smiles. And when everything is going wrong, you come in with wisdom or wit, or chocolate, and make my cares melt away.

You love Jesus more than you love me. And you love me more than I could have ever hoped for, because you love Him.

I love you to the moon and back and I've never had a better friend here on this earth. For so many reasons, you are the man of my dreams. And I dream, now more than ever, because you inspire me and give me room to dream big.

Happiest of birthdays, my dear husband-friend. You are the best for me.