Welcome to the Day {How Grace Covers it All}

building a home, construction work, The alarm clock doesn't buzz this morning but the internal one, praise God for it, it gets you up and racing. I wake to the light on in the bathroom and as I glance at the clock I freak a little.

"Do you know what time it is?"

No one likes to welcome the day this way, but you are gracious.

I make lunch and you pour coffee for two, eat your frosted minis as usual, and chat about the Bible.  You say nothing about the reason why the alarm wasn't set.

Out the door, freezing in the fall morning, to warm your pick-up and head out.  You'll drive an hour to work 10 more and I have to tell you that when you come home this evening, I won't be here because there's a volleyball game.

It pains me to welcome you to the rush of your day this way, behind already and a long weekend ahead.

It pains me that I won't be here to welcome you home this evening.  I know, you're a big boy and you can handle it and the house will be quiet for you to study, but I like to be here for you.

Off in separate ways, but always one to welcome the other home. You're pretty much awesome, honey.

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