Weekend Words 1.17.15


That Hideous Weakness at The Rabbit Room

I love how Andrew Peterson talks about books and real life and wanting to be cool and the oneness of singing, all in one post. And this paragraph towards the end:

"If you’re reading this and you think there’s some secret we all know that you don’t, or that you’d be happier if you could hang out with the Right People, or if we’re purposely structuring things to keep you out, then rest assured that we’re all knuckle-headed and glorious men and women fumbling about in the palace of this great paradox: by Christ’s mercy we see that we’re beggars at the door, and by Christ’s mercy we discover that we’re children of the King—wonder of wonders, there’s a seat reserved for us at the feast."

You are what you share by Seth Godin

Share what you love and why you love it.

"Sharing an idea you care about is a generous way to change your world for the better."

Calm by Hope

My friend Hope writes about a week-gone-awry and she reminds me of the rest we have in Christ. Truly, faith has to meet the pavement of real life and broken washing machines.

"I walked in and out of the issues learning this truth in a new way:

'Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.'  James 4 : 8"