Weary is too much wondering and worry, too little rest, not enough trust in the easy yoke. First century folks were weary and shepherd-less in their first century lives - without a clock to punch or a calendar to check. They were soul weary without a savior and what is worse than the fatigue of futile efforts and rigorous righteousness?

What wears a body out can invigorate a soul, but what wearies the soul...that can take joy right out of youth.

A promise of rest and an easy yoke, but we need a king and an enemy of Rome and a rescue from this oppression.  IMG_6137

They didn't know and we still don't know and we try to work for rest but Jesus said come to Me. 


See a way that is everything opposite, everything upside down, everything made right.

A weary world rejoices because she is saved from more effort, rescued from soul-crushing oppression, victorious over the fear of death.

Here we are, twenty centuries later and still weary, but not for lack of a remedy.

Let the world rejoice, all weary and needy and working too hard. Rest comes to the bone-tired and those worn from effort.

All your work is done.


This post is part of Five Minute Friday, where we write freely for five (or ten or fifteen?) minutes on the given prompt. This week’s prompt is WEARY.