To See

I want to see and never un-see I remember the Lite Bright. I remember adjusting the black paper and how there were always ones in the mix that were already poked, someone trying to recylce and reuse them.

I would smooth the paper down and poke the first colored peg in. Light would shine right through like the stars.

Poke poke poke and always ever-increasing light, till a picture would appear. If I poked randomly it was an abstract light-blob, but some of those papers had outlines to follow and pictures would appear - real pictures of real things that made sense.

Ever-increasing light. Ever widening skies. Dots connecting or not connecting. 

I feel that way now. There's no template in my mind but I just know that this connects with that  somehow, someday, maybe soon. The lights are out there and scattered so I sweep them in with a wide swath of my arm and anchor them down on paper because I want to see what the picture is, what the message could be.

I want the picture to make sense.

And maybe I don't really believe my eyes or my heart but something is forming there, like eyes adjusting to the night sky to see the Big Dipper and Orion. All of a sudden there it is.

I hope it's like that. I hope that once I see it I'll never un-see.


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