Times of Refreshing

The beach was blustery and violent this last weekend, but the time away was refreshing.  I am encouraged to put a stake in the ground and begin anew, with a rested mind and and sharpened vision.  God is so good to bring me these wonderful women who inspire and challenge me!

Also encouraged to come home and find new handwriting in our family's thankful journal...someone who was reluctant to put it on paper.  Lord, fill our hearts with thanksgiving!  We keep counting...

64.  Dad playing the Wii

65. Uncle Troy's pizza

66. Good friends like Grace

67. I love you

68. hot tub with my WHOLE family!

69. Roger Miller radio : )

70. Snow flakes on noses

71. knowing I made someone's day better

72. running in the snowflakes

73. comfortably fitting into jeans that used to be uncomfortably tight!

74. Big brothers playing with little ones

75. uncles

76. All the help that came to unload the first U-Haul of the new owners of our home!!

77. Eating 'daddy cereal'

78. Selling our house

79. hearing the rain on the roof

80. sitting with daddy in the morning

81. lots and lots of GOOD FOOD

82. I'm thankful for you guys

83. I'm thankful for God's help in finding the broken waterline in MC

84. God's protection over mom and her friend as they went north for a few days

85. thankful for no school!

86. mini pizzas from Papa Murphy's

87. my lego blog

88. siblings to make lunch for

89. coloring and making playdough

90. Linkology

91. I'm thankful for you, love Ethan

92. Going to birthday parties, friend's house, and then having friend's over!

93. a weekend away with lovely women and no agenda

94. hearing all the fun things my family did while I was gone

95. fresh coastal air

96. good friends who feed my family

97. funny things my kids say

98. lego fortresses

99. compliments from my husband

100. an impromptu visit in the produce aisle