The Simple List {9.4.15}

The Simple List is my way of pointing you to something redeeming on the webs, something thought provoking or eye-catching or soul-refreshing. I can’t keep up with all the good words out there but I try to curate a few things every now and then that might be of help. I hope these links are reminders of the simplest things that make a good life: truth, goodness, beauty.

TheSimple list (4)

Truth ||

If the Internet is Making You Tired @ Jennie Allen

"Time with Jesus actually helps our wild souls be still and remember the incredible story we are part of and causes our identities to feel very secure, to the point that no other identity is needed."

When it’s Time to Put on Your Thundershirt :: The Ministry of One Sane Space @ The Nester

I love Myquillyn's perspective on change and chaos and coping with transition. Things get out-of-control, amen? Hang the pictures, paint the walls, lay down the rugs, and make one sane space in the middle of a life beyond your control.

Goodness ||

Listen up! @ Amongst Lovely Things

Sarah Mackenzie has compiled a great list of podcasts and audio lectures specifically for homeschoolers and those interested in education. This is a great post to bookmark for those times when you need a shot in the arm or some brain food.

Beauty ||

What Isn't There, But Should Be @ StoryWarren

"So how do we pre-imagine (or re-imagine) this shalom? How does it make any difference in our lives and in our spheres of influence? We believe it and teach it to our children in all the ways things can be taught. We search for glimpses of it and create things that point to it. We rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep, because both of those are real in this already-but-not-yet time. We pursue the hard path of righteousness and justice in our aching but tenderly-loved world. We worship our Lord and invite all the nations to join in the song of God’s people."

How to Talk to Your Own Soul @ Amber C. Haines

"To be a whole person, you have to know how you’re doing."

Remind yourself to sit down. Ask the questions. Eat something green. Keep yourself from fractioning.


Bless the weekend, Lord. Help us to gather hope and lean in to rest and trust, always trust, that our greatest joy and satisfaction is in You.