The Simple List {9.18.15}

The Simple List is my way of pointing you to something redeeming on the webs, something thought provoking or eye-catching or soul-refreshing. I can’t keep up with all the good words out there but I try to curate a few things every now and then that might be of help. I hope these links are reminders of the simplest things that make a good life: truth, goodness, beauty.

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Truth ||

"Here's a hard truth we might as well get used to: Much of the best learning cannot be proven, measured, or easily demonstrated. The kind of encounters that form our children's hearts, minds, and souls occur as they come in contact with great books and learn to ask hard questions--and their minds are trained to think logically and well." ~ Sarah Mackenzie, Teaching from Rest

I finished Sarah's book this week and will surely be cracking open its pages often to re-read the things I've underlined - little shots-in-the-arm for my days that need an attitude of rest. This book was a reminder to shift my focus from getting through the curriculum to, instead, giving time for contemplation and discussion and questions. You can find it here.

Goodness ||

Bringing All of Your Story to the Table by Helena Sorensen @ Grace Table

"I don’t believe it has ever occurred to either of my children that there is any waste in the process of creation or that there is anything lacking in their finished products. They carry within them an intense conviction of the value of their work. Why? Because they understand that they, themselves, are immeasurably valuable. It only follows that whatever they create has value, too."

Beauty ||

Rediscovering the Forgotten Benefits of Drawing @ Scientific American

"Real life isn’t neatly divided by subject."

This is a great testimony of the benefits of returning to forgotten arts - like observing and drawing and studying something so deeply that you become an expert.

It also led me on a rabbit trail to learn about the Efficiency Movement Era, which I'd never even heard of, but now realize that I am a total product of (victim of?). I have lots of thoughts about it...

"And, hopefully, I showed my students that struggling results in growth, making mistakes shows we’re trying, and embracing the unexpected is necessary for success."

Highly recommended.

Master Penman Jake Weidmann

There are currently twelve master penmen in the entire world. Jake Weidmann is the youngest. Watch and be in awe!

 Have a great weekend, friends.