The Simple List {11.14.15}

This weekend we'll read the news and listen to the world cry out: justice! peace! retaliate! love! Balance the news with the Psalms.

Balance your Psalms with Revelation.

Add poetry to your war cry and go for a walk, away from the heartache.

Let opposites live together and realize, again, that nothing makes sense because we are in a strange land, planted here and there as lights in the darkness.

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Hack the Facebook Algorithm for Spiritual Growth @ I shared this on my Facebook page last week but if you haven't read it yet, just do it. If you're on Facebook, take charge of it and make it work for you.

This really applies to all our time spent online, whether it's social media or blogs or news or anything else. If you get that icky feeling after watching your minutes slip down the blackhole of the internet, make a change. Re-prioritize. Set up boundaries and curate your experience to work for you and not the other way around.

Guard your mood and your time.

The tough love guide to planning ahead (if you’re not naturally a planner) @ Modern Mrs. Darcy. This is me. For years I forced myself into planning, but it was never natural. I'm thankful for the tight schedules I made because I learned a lot, but I find I'm caught by surprise way too often now that I've let a looser-planning-mentality take over. Time to buckle down.


On Memory @ Mt. Hope Chronicles. Heidi is stellar when it comes to good lists and food for thought. She's put together some great articles from various sources on the importance of cultivating memory, for adults and children, alike.  This post is a treasure trove of beautiful thoughts.

"Where we fail is in thinking that memorizing is an end. Rather, it is a doorway that leads to an exciting world.

It is a sense of accomplishment for kids. It empowers them. It gives them a chance to practice delivery in front of people—a huge skill. It is an introduction to big ideas. It is sophisticated vocabulary and language patterns embedded in their minds."


16 Stunning Works of Origami Art via Paper is simple. Origami is beautiful. You need this.

This Beautiful, Complicated Story @ Christie tells about her son's food allergies, but so much more. She just has a way, and while I can't imagine the constant vigil they've had to keep over every meal, I can imagine living a story filled with contradictions - we all do.

Read this carefully. Maybe you will see a third way to tell your own story.