The Haven of Peace

Great thoughts of your sin alone will drive you to despair; but great thoughts of Christ will pilot you into the haven of peace. ~ Spurgeon So true.  But still, so many nights I go to bed heavy-headed with all the mistakes of the day.  Oh, let me replace thoughts of my sins alone with the great goodness of Christ.

Today was laden with sins.

You would think that I would know better - I homeschool 4 'Sharp Paynes' - so where'd this idea that my time was my own come from?  Truly, today it was too much to think that I could have my own thoughts, my own time, my own personal space.  Selfish living leads to so much frustration!  I had plans, interrupted by wonderful people and unforeseen circumstances, and I had a hard time dealing with that.  My thoughts and plans were continually interrupted with questions and needs, and putting together sentences was really hard.  Thus, I think in fragments.

Fragmented - my first grader is working on recognizing fragments in grammar.  I should teach him that when people start speaking in fragments, they're mind is overloaded and they need a time-out.   Need time-out.  Time-out for a game of Jenga with Bailey.  Time-out for dinner conversation.  Time-out of my selfishness and pushy-ness.

The great goodness of Christ has wiped out the handwriting that was against me.  Today I messed up, I was selfish, I was insensitive.    God was good to me again today, and tonight I'll sleep in the haven of peace!