Temporary Housing {Five Minute Friday: Roots}

rooted in Christ, leaving home, returning home You don't have to put down roots here.

Small town kids are known for leaving just as soon as they can, but also, they are known for coming back. Just turn on the country station.

You all will leave here and I have fairy-tales about Thanksgiving dinners all crowded with kids and grandkids and warm ovens, stacks of dirty dishes and family photo albums.

But none of us are really rooted here.

It's just big, beautiful, temporary housing for all of us, and we cannot be rooted here.

Because Dad and I, we may be the ones that fly the nest.  India? Burma? Florida (probably not)? But who knows and it doesn't really matter where we go or don't go.

We root in Christ.  And being omnipresent (so handy), He's wherever you want to go. So I pray you go wherever He sends and that your only limits are the ones He sets. That your dreams aren't grounded by logical or earthly limitations but just simply rooted. in. Him.

You can always, always, come back home, wherever that may be. But your roots are in Christ.

No greater joy, I tell you.


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