God in the Details

When I was younger and maybe full of more zeal, my requests were filled with big-ticket items from God: complete healings, spiritual awakenings, a turning of the hearts of kings. Slowly, my requests have followed my years and come home, closer to my heart and the community I live in. My asking has become more specific, almost smaller: heal the pain in her leg; let him see your goodness in the beauty of this gift; let us live at peace with all men, regardless of circumstances.

The change has not come from a loss of faith. It’s not that I don’t believe God can turn a nation or bring complete healing or that he cares. If anything, my faith has grown with time, finding its home in smaller ways as it has matured, and the small ways he speaks are all around my everyday life.

We can all see God in exceptional things, but it requires the growth of spiritual discipline to see God in every detail. Never believe that the so-called random events of life are anything less than God’s appointed order. Be ready to discover His divine designs anywhere and everywhere. – Oswald Chambers

I am choosing to see God in everything that is small and insignificant these days. Read the rest here.