How to Inspire Your Common Place

We did it.

Our first 'official' week of the school year, it's done and we lived.  We hit the books afresh and added a bit of laughter and silliness, worked through some kinks, and I think we really do know more than when we started.

This is our first year using Tapestry of Grace.  It follows the same classical method we've always used, but I'm so excited about the depth of it and all the teacher helps.

Someday, I'll make a page here for homeschooling, a place to share this journey and gain perspective.


A few links worth sharing with you - I'll call them Inspirations for Your Common Place:

From Ann Voskamp, How to Cultivate the Habit of an Age of Distraction. "The order of service created around bedtimes, school times, mealtimes — it allows ceremonies to direct behavior…. instead of parents trying to correct behavior."

From The Homeschool Classroom, Using Social Media To Enhance Your Homeschool. "This post is not about your children using social media, but rather about how you as a parent can use social media to enrich your family’s learning experiences."

From Becky Higgins, Project LifeGot boxes and boxes of photos lying around?  Me, too. Files and disks and cd's full of digital memories?  Me, too.  I bookmarked Becky's site ages ago and just re-discovered it last's The Answer for creatively-challenged, time-challenged, scrapbook-challenged people like me.

Ordered my kit, printed some pictures, hacked away at some of that mommy-guilt.  This product just makes me really happy, and when I have a finished product I will post some pictures for you.

And from Starbucks, brewers of happiness, Fall has officially arrived!  Oh yes.

We always know when Jesus is at work because He produces in the common place something that is inspiring. ~ Oswald Chambers