Five Minute Friday: Present

leaf with heart on it

Life's all about preparation

and this preparing to present

me holy and blameless and above reproach.

I can't even fathom

the patience and love

 never-ending in this clumsy approach.

To the throne

takes years, sweat and toil

and tears

why does He bother with me.

Easy and light

His burden He says

I take it up

but tiring daily.

All of the stumbles

faulty days and bumbles

redeemed and made white yet again


not vacation,

not retreat or location,

much to my fleshly chagrin.

He clothes me like summer

bridal-white and new

I stand. I wonder.

I marvel at grace

He presents me and covers

my shame, not a trace.


A random picture and a five-minute poem with very little rhyme or rhythm, and just a little bit of reason! I'm letting all that go and  joining in the fun as we write for JUST FIVE MINUTES on the prompt Present. Check out Lisa-Jo's for more Five Minute Friday posts from hundreds of others.


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Five Minute Friday: Beautiful

Beauty is recklessly abandoned

Beautiful feet

Beautiful is recklessly abandoned and never over-rated. It's free and precious like gold but even more - it's not for sale.

Beautiful is dressed in filthy rags and clothed in the glory of Christ. Free from worry and self-awareness, beauty is open for all the beholders who will be held.

Beautiful are the cracked feet of the young pastor who sits for 48 hours in a week to learn more good news: that prosperity isn't for the rich or the privileged but for the sheep who feed on simple bread. Or rice.

Beautiful is the Word of God, unadulterated, un-Americanized, uncultured, unearned and unending. It's the truth taught as it's written, as it is spoken, as the Spirit intends. It's no guile or greed or creed or ritual. No strings, just nails and a cross.

Beautiful is all the earth as God created it. All the people as He redeems them. All the goodness of a small town church who cares for your children and prays 24/7 for 3 weeks so you can go and see more of it - more of the beauty that needs no adornment.

Beautiful is the bride of Christ in all her workings. The hands and the feet and the mouth and the legs.

Beautiful is the smile that speaks every language.


{This is the first time I've touched my computer in over 3 weeks, and I can't think of a more perfect way to break fast than with the beauty-writers at Five Minute Friday. Check out Lisa-Jo's to join us.}

Five Minute Friday: Imagine

Five Minute Friday: Imagine

I'm thankful for hours

But minutes tick by,

I long for more time in my day.

I want to seize them and squeeze them

Till they run bone dry

But I waste them like so much decay.

Imagine if I were content with my time.

I eat cookies and pumpkin bars

And drink green tea lattes, 

Then run so I can fit in those pants.

I'm all out of balance

With my flesh and my Nikes,

My day is so full of I can'ts.

Imagine if I were content with my daily bread.

Striving and squeezing

And always one more.

This life never perfect,

And dirt on the floor.

But surrounded by glory.

This is my story.

My peace, and what living is for.

Imagine if Glory had stayed in Heaven.

{Five minutes of writing with Lisa Jo and hundreds of others. Our prompt today is IMAGINE. Imagine what you could write in five minutes, and join us here!}