Smoking Censors and Sweet Incense

smoking censors There are bumps in the road, giant hills, and turns ahead.

You'll need to keep your focus, keep your whits about you, and it's best to have traveling companions. Several, with different personalities and strengths.

Don't go it alone.

And when all else fails and you feel  alone, know that feelings are fickle and press on anyway. You are never alone. You only feel lonely because all your companions are battling their own fights right now. But you are not alone on this road.

When it's dark you need to notice the stars. When it's hot, be sheltered in the trees. When it's wet and it's cold and the biting wind blows, wrap up tight in the glory of your destination - press on.

Press on.

The more you walk the stronger you'll get, and there's no need to pace yourself. When you are strong - run hard. When you are weak and tired and discouraged and your blood seems thick and slow, find a place of refuge. Find the nourishment provided and make good choices.

But don't stop. Rest, refuel, regain your course. This is not the end.

There are places full and wide, places thin and craggy and not-quite-safe, and other places where you'll want to pitch your tent.

Also, places you'll want to pitch a fit and just give up this whole traveling-bit and lose yourself in something easy, something mindless. Don't quit.

Don't give in to the flesh frenzy or the weakness, crying as it leaves, dying as you squeeze it out. Let the weakness give way to Greater Strength. Greater Glory. Greater Joy.

Find a song in every place and sing it loud because those behind you need to hear it, and those ahead need to hear it, and you yourself need to sing it. Sing it sing it sing it. Off key and out of time and loud if you have to. Sing because someone else may have lost their voice and that leaves a void of praise for you to fill.

Your Audience is deserving of praise.

"Earth should be a temple filled with the songs of grateful saints, and every day should be a censor smoking with the sweet incense of thanksgiving."

Charles Spurgeon

Thanksgiving can be small. It can be for the moss that buffers your fall or the rain that washes the dirt away.

In your hard times, giving thanks is your fuel. 

In your good times, it's the frosting.

In every place you cross on your travels, let thanksgiving be your song.

 I find myself needing a lot of pep talks lately, so I write them out for your down-days, too. Let us encourage one another, and all the more as we see the day approaching, right? 

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