Simple List {Father's Day edition}

jacob-1 "There has always been a sliver of panic in him, deeply buried, when it comes to his daughter: a fear that he is no good as a father, that he is doing everything wrong. That he never quite understood the rules. All those Parisian mothers pushing buggies through the Jardin des Plantes or holding up cardigans in department stores - it seemed to him that those women nodded to each other as they passed, as though each possessed some secret knowledge that he did not. How do you ever know for certain that you are doing the right thing?" - from All the Light We Cannot See, by Anthony Doerr (emphasis mine).

Don't Just Wait Until They're Teenagers @ The Gospel Coalition

What parent of small children hasn't been warned, “Just wait until they're teenagers”? But this is precisely the problem: too many parents wait until the teenage years to realize the importance of civility, understanding its value only as we watch it walk out the door.

How Lloyd-Jones Makes Me a Better Dad @ The Gospel Coalition

He took all his loved ones seriously. He entered into their world and their enjoyments from their earliest age. He loved what they loved because he loved them. And they never forgot it. Perhaps he knew the best way to increase his happiness is by entering into the happiness of another.

The morning after we indulged in those peanut buster parfaits and salt and vinegar chips for dinner, my husband and I both woke up feeling *awful*. Hmmmm. Go figure.

I'm feeling like maybe possibly I need to cut out sugar and experiment with this further - not a full fledged Whole30 - but a definite fast from my drug of choice for awhile.

I can still have coffee, so I should be fine. In the meantime, there's this:

How to teach your kids about sugar @ The Washington Post

This article is dedicated to all of the kids out there who think the orange juice they drink at breakfast, the cookies they eat after lunch, the candy they trade at school and the Gatorade they chug after practice are no big deal. In other words, all kids across America. And also to their parents who believe the same thing: that daily intake of sugar is harmless and just a function of childhood.