For He Himself is our peace....  And He came and preached peace to you who were afar off and to those who were near.  For through Him we both have access by one Spirit to the Father.  ~  Ephesians 2:14;17-18

He came and preached peace.  Not world peace and everybody-just-accept-everybody-else and please be quiet.   But peace with God, which comes only through Him giving us access through the Spirit, to the Father.  Peace knowing that it's alright between me and God.

It's one of the buzzwords in my home, but so often I focus on everyone just being quiet and living in harmony and not rocking anybody else's boat (can you hear the soft music?!).  Can't we all just get along?  How do you house so many personalities under one roof and maintain peace?   I preach peace, but it's probably not the same kind as Jesus preached.

He Himself is our peace.  Just to have Him.  And He is not something to be grasped or held...striving and always missing His presence.  Lighting candles and turning on the music doesn't cut it.  To live is Christ, and He Himself is our peace.  Not just an absence of chaos, but a recognition of my separation from Him, my daily going astray and finding my way back through His grace.  Reconciled through Him, through peace.

And the peace that Jesus preached should be the peace that I preach, in my home and everywhere: be reconciled to God.  Every squabble a chance to inject the peace of reconciliation.  We are one in Him, just as the Gentiles were brought in to the fold by the blood and mercy of Christ.  There should be no enmity among the family of God.  We are redeemed and reconciled to God; we ought to be reconciled to one another.  That ought to be more important than 'keeping the peace'.

Peace.  Not the absence of chaos, but the closing in on the gap that separates us from one another and from Him.

How do you 'keep peace'?