Setting Goals with Your Children

We're a week into 2014 now. 7 days down and the new year feels pretty good, feels hopeful and maybe even fresh. Fresh starts are a thing of beauty. A chance to pick up where a good thing left off or to move on from where a bad thing ended; a time to be renewed and reminded of all that's most important. 

Helping Your Children Set Goals

We've set some goals around here and are praying over some more, some things significant, achievable, and measurable. 

I'm sharing a post at One Fun Mom today about helping your children set SAM goals. I invite you to click here and read the post, and then share your thoughts about goal-setting and how your family handles resolutions.

We don’t set goals to become better people, but to become more faithful stewards."

(And by the way, I am so not  a "fun mom" and typing or saying that always makes me laugh, but the site is full of encouragement and good stuff.)