"(Insert rambunctious child's name here), why are you playing football in the garage?  Come in and get your math book out!" "(Insert studious-but-almost-too-smart child's name here), are you using Google Translate for your latin?"

"Mom, what makes clouds move?"

"Wind.  What book are you reading, since it is reading time?"


At 9:30 a.m., I remind myself that schedules are just for guidance.

9:52.  Speeches about attitudes being more important than school : )

At 11:34, I tell the teacher to "relax , don’t worry about the dishes (books, floors, laundry, dinner…).  Enjoy the moment with your childents."   I ignore the reminder and start setting timers.

At noon we eat lunch (leftover-shmeftovers) and I read about the destruction of Sennacherib from 2 Kings 18 and 19.  I remind the kids about the prayer prayed during worship on Sunday - how the Rabshakeh came hurling insults at our God, and in the morning 185,000 blood-thirsty warriors lay dead.  And Israel didn't lift a finger against them.

We marvel at how awesome God is!  Not just the story itself - the saving of Israel.  But of His love and attention to us and the details of our lives.

Our recitation for this month is The Destruction of Sennacherib by Lord Byron.   So when I heard the prayer Sunday, I just had to smile.  Because I love it when God speaks to me again and again, the same thing:

I see you.  I love you.

And Lord, give me eyes to see, because I know I miss so much.  With my head down, I push through the day and miss a thousand reminders from You.  Thank You for this home, these children, my husband, and Your voice.