Put Courage In


My son was using some magnets yesterday for a science experiment. He was holding a  stack of about 6 little square pieces and the south end of one magnet was pushing away from the south end of the next magnet. He handed them to me and I pinched the magnets together for as long as I could, but any release in pressure let the stack of magnets fly apart.

It was me - trying to keep it all from flying apart, trying to hold the truth and suppress the lies all at the same time; fighting for one and against the other. It's my battle of finding courage to just believe truth.

The writing prompt for today happens to be the one word I've chosen to focus on for the year - encourage. 

To en-courage.

To put courage into something. Yes.

To put courage into you because you have value and might need a push to be bold and share it with the world. To put courage into you because what can be known of God is manifest in you and you have a charge - to make it known.

To take courage in, myself, because the Spirit of Truth doesn't call me to believe lies or even to entertain them in my mind. To take courage in, myself, because I can only truly listen to one voice and why would I choose the lying tenor of a defeated foe?




Spending slightly more than 5 miutes, but linking up at Five Minute Friday and writing on this prompt: ENCOURAGE.