Let God be Awesome {Five Minute Friday: Ordinary}


Ordinary cone

When the Bible says that Elijah was a man "with a nature like ours" that means he was ordinary.

Like me and you.

When God chose Gideon out of the smallest tribe, He chose ordinary. He took ordinary and reduced his army, sent the extras home and showed Himself strong on Gideon, on Israel's, behalf.

Big time. Extraordinary.

Because only God does the miraculous with a little dirt and saliva, with men who will walk crazy-circles around a walled city till it falls, with our small and ordinary lives.

So we wash clothes and pick up socks off the floor, scrub toilets and scrape remnants off the plates, and God sees our ordinary. He sees our day in and day out lives and He sees Gideons and Elijahs and Marys, all humble and lowly in our menial tasks.

And He shows up extra-ordinary.

We're doing Kingdom work here in the trenches, with laundry and legos and piled under mounds of books and papers. I feel a sinking sometimes in the mundane of everyday, but four people call me mom and I call Jesus for help.

 So I'll be ordinary and let God be Awesome.



Linking up with a community of writers at Lisa-Jo’s who think it’s fun to try to write for 5 minutes without editing or overthinking. It's called Five Minute Friday, and today's writing prompt is ORDINARY.