Giving Thanks

I'm thankful for these people...

(they're as goofy and fun as they look!)

We've started our own 'Give Thanks' journal this year, to cultivate eucharisteo and to open our eyes to all His gifts, and give us perspective.  Each day, each in his own writing, counting down all the ways we are loved.  Some write more than others, and I try to let the Spirit lead and not nag about how we need to be more thankful and why don't you go write something in the journal...just live the thankfulness.

  1. rainy days and soup for lunch
  2. hail bouncing on the porch
  3. the sound of the salt shaker as mommy makes lunch
  4. whole wheat pancakes, made by Jake
  5. sunshine on a cold morning
  6. hot coffee with my husband
  7. good food to put in lunch boxes
  8. company coming!
  9. the tape on mommy's nose : )
  10. school books all over the place
  11. smudged ink from lefties
  12. hamburger stew
  13. Just So Stories
  14. Grandma Sharri bringing fresh eggs
  15. daddy making hot breakfast
  16. I am thankful for Jesus
  17. my dog, Oliver
  18. un-real sky colors
  19. Sharp Paynes with straight-A's
  20. Ice cream on the way home from ACE
  21. mommy and daddy kissing
  22. CNN student news during breakfast
  23. listening to mom smack on her breakfast (?)
  24. Hearing the keyboard
  25. siblings who serve and thank each other
  26. kids getting up with their alarm
  27. quiet evenings
  28. I am thankful for my family
  29. family lunch time
  30. family laughter!
  31. working together to move out of the garage (making room for the next owners!)
  32. blogging
  33. watching mom shoot dad with the Nerf gun
  34. a warm happy birthday from Ethan, Bailey, Jacob and Shelby
  35. the nicest birthday card ever from my beautiful wife
  36. Sundays in Camas Valley
  37. my handsome Prince Charming (daddy)
  38. On a Sunday morning, 45 years ago today, God blessed me with a beautiful baby boy and gave me a promise that he would be God's warrior.  What a gift!
  39. Jacob helping Shelby do her dishes
  40. having friends over to play
  41. watching mom pay bills
  42. watching dad's face as he talks on the phone
  43. Jacob being willing to learn a new game with dad
  44. Young friends still wanting me to do their hair
  45. daddy's chocolate
  46. quiet mornings and hot coffee
  47. Shelby doing Bailey's chore for her
  48. my handy husband
  49. Bailey's smiling eyes
  50. the opening of Bravo's
  51. my good friend
  52. God's helpfulness in difficult times
  53. listening to mom and dad talk about our Wildcat house
  54. chocolate chip cookies after dinner, served by Bailey
  55. four kids in the hot tub together
  56. father and son discussing herbivores and vertebrates, playing Linkology
  57. Shelby's animated communication
  58. seeing the cat fall asleep in his food dish
  59. watching baby Hope look at the fire
  60. seeing Hope's face as a I walk out of my room
  61. seeing my sissy ask for milk and graham crackers for breakfast
  62. Read alouds
  63. tea-time and poetry

That's the first 15 days of a new year, counting down gifts with these lovely ladies.  And today I'm also thankful for the blanket of snow wrapping our little valley.