Five Minute Friday: Willing

Willing takes the timid, scared-brave, and moveable. Willing takes the scared-brave ones, the ones who want to want to be courageous, and the ones who are unsure if their will is leading them in the best way, and moves them. Willing moves them.

Because the first step to brave and conquering is always - I'm willing.

The tentative hand raised to volunteer, if I could be useful....

The contrite heart confessing, starting over, white as snow.

Willing is the try-hard child, spilling milk and making messes and runny eggs on the way to blessing you with breakfast in bed. 

Willing is moveable yet cautious and don't we all wonder if God will be pleased? We're willing to please Him and hoping to please Him and all the while, all the doubtful and slow-to-move while, He's pleased.

There's no need to scold the willing child.

Just instruct - because we're willing and that's enough.


{Are you willing? On Friday's we write for five minutes on one word and we make the runny eggs for you, we spill your coffee and try to bless without too much stress. You're invited to join us at Lisa-Jo's for Five Minute Friday.}