Five Minute Friday: True


I want to find the true words to speak.

I chase them down and try to call them out in those moments of desperation, when the questions require more than a simple "no" and the people here with me press for details.

Why can't I and how come and why does she and what for?

I search out true words that don't always sound right or good or easy, to try to massage down truth that hurts and facts that just are what they are.

I get tired of the "why" but I understand.

I ask "why", too, and sometimes the true words I find bring comfort; sometimes they bring more questions. Sometimes they just plain hurt and there's only time to wait.

I feel Him asking me if I prefer my own words over His.

Peter and I warm our hands at the fire, two traitors who really, desperately want to love right and be brave. 

My words fall and fail.

There's no good answer to some questions and the asking is really a probe, poking in to tender spots.

And regardless of the answer, He knew the truth before it was true and He shepherds me around huge cliffs and disasters, leads me back to True words, and settles me again with a little tap of His rod.


{Joining the Five Minute Friday crew and writing unedited and quick on this prompt: TRUE}


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