Five Minute Friday: Tree

tree They'll be found in every shape and size and color, and in every corner of the world.

In some places they congregate in large groups, organized by kind. In other parts of the world they are sparse, limited, and isolated.

Someone will notice their beauty.

Someone will think they are a nuisance. 

Someone will get paid to clean up their mess year after year and no one will think of removing them, because the benefits of having them there outweigh the costs.

And this one will become a desk.

Someone will do calculus and write a speech and doodle while on the phone at this desk. It will be loved for sheer usefulness and it's beauty will be forgotten.

Another one becomes a piano. 

With marvelous wood grain and glorious texture, it's furniture to be admired and it's part of an instrument to be enjoyed. People will listen and forget.

There's a tree that becomes paper that becomes a best-selling book, one that becomes boards for shelter, and some that are just toilet paper and bills.

Everyone of them serves their purpose without complaint, and who are we to belittle that?


{This post is part of Five Minute Friday, where we write for five minutes on one word: TREE. Harder than you might think! Click here to read more.}