Five Minute Friday: Reflect

The Bible says that Mary tucked things away and pondered them in her  heart. She observed and stored the precious moments inside for another day, one she must have known was coming. I can picture her. No scrapbooks or journals or pictures to glue down, just memories and things pondered. The prophetess in the temple. The wisdom of the twelve year old Jesus. The miracle at Cana.

That's the way it must be with mothers.

I ponder moments as my children are oblivious to me standing there, watching, recording. With no camera I can be sneaky - the snap of a shutter ruins some moments, so I snap with my mind's eye and tuck these things away in my heart:

snowflake making on the floor

girls counting pennies

boys up before the sun to see the snow falling

laughter among siblings

thank yous at a friend's house

Reflecting can be good for the soul of the weary and life-worn. It can bring the perspective that we miss in the daily scramble and the monotony of circulating days. Reflecting can be the grace that gets us through.

Mary pondered all the marvels of her Child. 

I do, too.


This post is part of Five Minute Friday (on a Saturday morning) with Lisa Jo and hundreds of others. This week the writing prompt is REFLECT.

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