Five Minute Friday: Opportunity

It's Friday and five minutes of mad and scattered writing is back. Are back? Whatever. Today is the day we don't edit, just write. If you are new to Five Minute Friday, check out Lisa-Jo's post about it here. Then join us with your timer and the one-word prompt: OPPORTUNITY.

Sometimes it comes and it's not what you wanted. Not the chance you hoped for or the luck you wished for.

It's the opportunity to grow. Maybe your mother always spoke to you in terms like that, saying how hard times are for growth and how struggle makes us stronger. Or maybe it was your gym teacher that said that.

But it's true. Trials, struggles, challenges. They grow you more than ease. They shake you out of stupor and force you on, like a shove in the back.

The opportunity comes to seek Him in a new and specific way. You can now read the Word with struggle instead of complacency and duty, and you find Him again.

As if he was ever gone from you?

This thing, this dream-turning-out-differently, is your opportunity and your new start and there is no such thing as chance or luck.

So take it. The dream has changed and you have to wake up your sleeping-self. It's just what you need, really. Just the jolt your tired faith needed to let Him be alive again.

The Word-made-flesh had died to you and now He's risen because you needed Him. He waited and now the earth thunders because finally, the opportunity, the cry and the seeking have all lined up. He's coming because you called. {Psalm 18, with goose bumps}.

Welcome, struggles. We're glad you're here.