Five Minute Friday: Imagine

Five Minute Friday: Imagine

I'm thankful for hours

But minutes tick by,

I long for more time in my day.

I want to seize them and squeeze them

Till they run bone dry

But I waste them like so much decay.

Imagine if I were content with my time.

I eat cookies and pumpkin bars

And drink green tea lattes, 

Then run so I can fit in those pants.

I'm all out of balance

With my flesh and my Nikes,

My day is so full of I can'ts.

Imagine if I were content with my daily bread.

Striving and squeezing

And always one more.

This life never perfect,

And dirt on the floor.

But surrounded by glory.

This is my story.

My peace, and what living is for.

Imagine if Glory had stayed in Heaven.

{Five minutes of writing with Lisa Jo and hundreds of others. Our prompt today is IMAGINE. Imagine what you could write in five minutes, and join us here!}