Five Minute Friday: Graceful

This might be the hardest five minutes yet.

When I think about graceful and what wears that definition, there's not much in my day that comes to mind.  I think of ballerinas or swans or...Swan Lake.

Graceful doesn't describe the herky-jerky stop-and-go days we usually have around here.  It doesn't describe the part of this family, the 2-sixths of us, who drop things frequently and shatter glass and tears.

It doesn't describe the fist-on-the-table mom who wants them all to just.  Stop.  Bickering.  There's no wisdom for those moments and all we can do is stop, abruptly.

This House of Payne.

But grace-full, yes.  All of us here, full of it and beautiful in it.

The stopping is grace because it makes way for the new start, and you know that in five minutes those siblings will be laughing hysterically or asking each other for help or formulating a  plan to take over the mom.

A sudden stop where grace enters in.  Graceful us.  Grateful us.

{Just five minutes.  Can you spare five minutes for a graceful community of Christ-followers, to share your gift on this writing prompt from Lisa-Jo?}