Five Minute Friday: Fight

Five Minute Friday: Fight Because they ate the fruit; because every man wants to rule over every other man, and subject them instead of being subject; because submit is a dirty word; because we want what we want and we want it now not later, here not there, my way and not yours.

We fight against the fight because we want it to be easy - we struggle because we think it should be our favorite chair and our best coffee and our own thoughts, all the time.

We fight against change or for it. We fight against injustice or ignore it. We fight for our rights till the last man is left and then we make him king.

Unless he doesn't do as we like. Then we fight to remove him.

We fight for position. We argue over seating arrangements and the color of our toys and all because we think we deserve better, bigger, faster.

And Jesus came to bring a sword it says. Came to divide our passions and our opinions and turn our fight, our cheeks, our life right around.

Jesus has come and there is still a fight. Still right and wrong and let us pick sides by prayer and not popularity. Let us NOT pick sides after all and live the quiet and peaceable life we were called to. Praying and preaching without politics or pop culture.

Let us put on Christ and He will do the dividing.


The first Five Minute Friday of 2014. Join us at Lisa-Jo Baker's for five minutes of free and furious writing.