Five Minute Friday: Dive

For me, intimidation can look like 14 tiles stacked right up on the table, surrounded by stamps and paints and pretty paper and mod podge.

Fourteen opportunities to fail, to make something ugly, to regret it and toss it and just leave art alone.

But not Ethan. Not my super-Picasso who works like he's had a pot of coffee and inspiration for breakfast.

While I approach the art table slowly and carefully, stealing ideas over other people's shoulders, he has already produce 3 or 4 little square coasters, mostly in black and orange. (Go Beavers?)

He's 8 and doesn't know that there are "rules" yet. Rules about line and symmetry and color coordination and will-this-look-good-on-the-coffee-table.

I may need to change my decorating scheme.

He just dives in and creates. He's always been this powerhouse producer of creativity. I have stacks of papers and drawings, pictures of I'm-not-sure-what and some amazing, colorful, uninhibited artwork.

He's unafraid and the rules don't need to apply because it's fun and he's free.

Thanks for the reminder, son.



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