Five Minute Friday: Bare

January 2013 073  

It's the way they come into the world, you and them both laid bare.


Dependent on so much more than yourself alone because your bare-ness is the kind that truly reveals...You need more of Him. Not more rules and law.

They need more, too, of Him and you and you think, in those early days, that they'll soon need less from you.  But don't believe it.

It's they way they storm the kitchen and strip the fridge and fill the sink, like locusts at harvest. Insatiable appetites and bare cupboards are your reminder - fill them with good things.

It's the way you start the day full and end it by a thread, barely hanging on to tattered shreds of sanity and resolve.

It's the way seasons change and appearance changes but inside, the sap runs. Life, always ready for spring and anxious for the fruits of fall.

And we get spring and fall. Waiting for fruit, being stripped bare by the changes and stripped bare to produce more.

It's the way you all change together and you can only trust, dependent and vulnerable still, that it's enough. Trust that He clothes your bare-self with His righteousness after all and bare never has to mean empty.


{On Fridays, a group of us gather at Lisa Jo's to write for 5 minutes, flat and fast, without worry or perfection. This week the prompt is BARE.}