Fire and water

The waters parted for you.

Split in two

Right down the path home, and you came back.

Came right.

Came around to who was waiting.


I waited.


The fire to burn you,

Never touched.

Never singed.

And you walked right through the flame

To me.


IMG_8187 IMG_2632


I gave the world -

All its cares and wares.

I gave it all to gather you up from the corners.

You came, you keep coming,

And it's worth it.


Doubt and fear crouch

On stealthy haunches along the way,

And they say it's in vain -

The way you strain,

The way you pull against the grain and the warp of this life, this death.


But you do.


And I wait but also,

I am with you. I am for youI am in you.

And together in one yoke,

Together in one soul,

We pull a lighter load.