Finishing Well {A guest post at One Fun Mom}

Do you ever leave things undone?

I found an afghan in our shop a few weeks ago that has been undone for 17 years now, and it made me passionate about being a better finisher. 

It made me see my procrastination and all the unfinished business I stow-away, and how it affects life. 

I'm going to finish that afghan, and I'm determined to pick up the slack on some other, more important, things I've left undone.

Maybe you left a sink full of dishes last night, maybe your laundry is overflowing onto the floor and you don't know what's for dinner this evening.

Maybe, like me, you've started a project and grown weary with the endurance of it.

Today at One Fun Mom, I'm sharing some grace for all the things you and I have left undone. You're invited to click here and read more.