Chasing the Ends

Windmill The time goes and the beauty goes and the days don't slip quietly away - they fly.

When all else fails we try to put brakes on the schedule.

But we wear the brakes clean-off and now we scramble here, rush there, and we chase the sun towards the hills like we could catch it if we tried hard enough.

Trying so hard makes me tired.

Picture the sun on a string like a balloon and you're not chasing it, it's dragging you. The horizon gets closer and feels within reach and then you crest that mountain, find 10 more, and realize this is endless.

This chasing the ends of the day leads you only to another day and another and another.

But one day the chase ends. 

All our lifetime of pursuing and we are really pursued. We thought we chased the ends of the eternity and could live forever and be always happy or always be strong, but we were wrong. We start weak, grow strong, become weak again and the cycle goes on.

And then one day. One day we are caught up on wings and caught up without our things and it all becomes clear. 

We didn't chase the day or catch the sun or see beyond a thousand hills. We ran away till we couldn't hide anymore. We were run down relentlessly and the Pursuer gave us His wings.

We shall fly.


{This post is part of Five Minute Friday, where we write for five minutes on a given word. This week, the word is: FLY}