Building Temples {so... I entered a little contest}

buildingtemples I believe there  is something creative each of us longs to do.

I believe God has given each one of us creative gifts  to use for the edification, or building up, of the whole body.  Whether we bake or sew or build or imagine or pray great beauty into the world, creating is part of our calling, part of how we glorify God.

So I entered a little writing contest this year at the Faith and Culture Writers Conference, based on this verse from Exodus. I wrote my heart out about creating and doubting and building temples - you and me. 

He is calling the artisans and it’s all of us in one way or another. The painter and baker and poetry-maker. The one with music in her head. The one with beauty in his heart. The one with hammer and nail and those who dream in wide swaths of color – purple for the curtains, gold for the fastenings. All the ones who see heaven and feel earth and endeavor with all their breath to write this life as a shadow of things to come, He’s calling.

The full essay is posted on the Faith and Culture Writers blog, and I'd be honored to have you click here and read it.