A Few Thanks

This last week has been a blur and most of the thanks were written by my hand.  There are still so many places to squeeze thanksgiving into and so many attitudes to lift...   So many "thank-you's" still go unsaid, but I am pressed to look back and remember. I am especially thankful for fellowship these last few days.  I am blessed to be in the wonderful Body of Christ, where nobody gets left behind.  I am reminded how God fits us together and does His kingdom work through cracked vessels.  How when you're up I'm down, and vice versa.

So this week we are thankful for

131.  running in shorts in February

132. Mrs. Earlywine : )

133.  Spite & Malice

134.  music with the goof-balls (I think that must mean the siblings?)

135.  time for deep conversations

136.  soft hearts

137.  homemade granola bars

138.  free Kindle books

139.  cell phones

140.  a healthy family

141.  cards in the mail

142.  a husband who notices