Five Minute Friday: Change

DSCF0648 I used to have a PhD.

I even wrote a poem about it but lucky for you, I can’t find it.

Three kids in three years meant a mountain of diapers and my poor husband, he came home one day after one of those days and found me huddled up with this poem.  The one about poop.

I told him I had an official Poop Handler’s Degree.

When you’ve cleaned it off of the baby’s clothes, your clothes, the floor, the chair, the toddler…whatever, and then repeated the whole cycle and taken care of the puppy’s, too, you get crowned with this distinction.

You probably have a PhD, dear reader.  Congratulations.

So I changed a zillion diapers and the sheets, too.  We changed houses, careers, curriculums, parenting tactics.  We survived toddlerhood and I think we did pretty well.

And “they” used to always tell me, the way well-meaning people do, that it only gets harder.  That babies change into big kids and into little adults and life won’t slow down for you.

They were right.

Our schedules have changed.  It’s  no longer about meal time and snack time and nap time and school time.  Bed time is later and now it’s more about who-needs-to-be-where-and-when.  I am not in control of every minute of their day anymore.

I used to have a PhD, but now I drive a taxi.


It used to be I was trying to get them to stay asleep, but now, just this morning, I’m waking my man-child up before dawn to go to work with dad.  Not just-for-fun, but he will actually work and I can still see him waddling around in his diaper.

Two men kissed me good-bye this morning, and I couldn’t be happier.


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Why I'll be Using More Paper

Convenience is great.

Accessibility is great.

And I'm all about making things simple and easy.

But I'm also about balance, and one thing I've noticed about myself lately is that my face is often in a screen.  Or maybe, the screen is in my face.

I'm also highly distracted, like ADHD without the H.

All that makes it hard to be a good mom, wife, friend, homemaker...all that makes it hard for me to just stop, put the brakes on, and engage with life.  That thing that happens around me all day.

My lists are on screen.  My books, schedules, dreams and ideas float in bits and bytes, and my eyes are burning.  I appreciate my Kindle for the convenience and cost-saving, but I miss paper.  

The thing is, I change my mind so often about how and where I want to organize those pieces of life that need documented.  I use notebooks, sketch books, journals, sticky notes, evernote, onenote, notes on my phone...

I've tried to be all computerized and organized in digital fashion, because I think that's great.  But the screen sucks my brain and my attention (which is limited).

It's easier to walk away from paper, but this screen cries out to me for just one more...

I have one life to live and one shot at making these memories, the ones my kids will live with.  I don't want to be the mom at the pool that misses the cannonball because of The Screen.  There are baby steps on this road to recovery, and the first one is logging off.

So I'll be using more paper, and hallelujah, I've found a wonderful notebook that makes me giddy. (I'm simple like that).

The Arc customizable notebook from Staples.  I'm not an affiliate, won't get any money if you click on the link, but if you feel so happy and excited after seeing this thing and you'd like to thank me, we can make arrangements.  *smile*

It's just a little thing, but isn't that what our lives are made up of?  To be faithful in the smallest of things, that's the calling of those called mom and it's the groundwork for bigger faith.  Because nobody who takes care of the little things is ever overlooked in the kingdom of heaven.

He who is faithful in what is least is faithful also in much; and he who is unjust in what is least is unjust also in much. - {Luk 16:10 NKJV}


{Counting gifts and remembering His goodness with community here.}

355.  Again, great fellowship with friends...the Beautiful Feet people.

356. A lost dog and the way Jesus answers prayers

357. leftovers on busy days

358. kids old enough and willing to help a very pregnant friend

359. the ebb and flow of noise and quiet in the house

360. THE GREATEST JOY!  Our youngest, asking to receive Christ right in the kitchen.  Unprompted and out of the blue.  Born again, adopted again, and eternally His!

Oh, Happy Day.  (click and sing along with us?)

 {Why the random picture at the top of the post, you ask?  It's just a good memory from Yellowstone last year, a picture my daughter took.  So it kinda fits, in a peacefully-engaged sort of way.}



Remembering That He is Good

Then His disciples answered Him, "How can one satisfy these people with bread here in the wilderness?" - {Mar 8:4 NKJV}

There really is such a thing as a stupid question.  "Where will we get food?"  How about the same person who provided it last time?  How about the one who gives us bread everyday?


But alas, I am a disciple also.  I have my own faithless how's and where's and why's.   A lack of trust and blinded eyes will lead to all kinds of ignorance.  Lord, help me to trust.  To rest in Your all-sufficiency. 

He asked them, "How many loaves do you have?" And they said, "Seven." - {Mar 8:5 NKJV}


I would have asked a different question.  One with more heat and maybe some sarcasm for good measure.  "Weren't you with me on the other side of the lake?  Did you sleep through the last miracle feeding, or do you just suffer from short-term memory loss?  Has anyone ever gone hungry in my care?"

But not my Jesus.  Ever-patient, He is, and always-hopeful.  Love, suffering long and kind.  Bearing all, believing all, hoping all.  Praise God He is!  Praise God His nature is not like mine!  Dust we'd all be; smote at the first sign of doubt or insolence.

Ugh, again.

But He is this patient with me.  He is always waiting for my turning and always with open arms.  I need to spend more time with Him and I know He rubs off.  My character needs His, and my memory needs reminded of His goodness.

Isn't that sad?

Because sometimes I am surprised by answered prayer.  Sometimes I am shocked that He really does hear, He really does respond, and He really does care.

Shocked, forgetful, and thankful.

Bless the LORD, all His works, In all places of His dominion. Bless the LORD, O my soul! - {Psa 103:22 NKJV}


{Counting gifts and remembering His goodness with community here.}

Each of us thankful for:

337. friends, and mom and dad

338. swimming lessons

339. sisters doing nails

340. Ethan, making his own breakfast

341. mommy telling me she loves me

342.  Oliver, playing with the cat

343.  boys, logging adventure

344. the neighbors horses

345. Star Wars

346.  sisters learning to 'do hair'

347.  friends

348. grandparents and coast trips

349. Uncle Maxx, the yellow lab

350. daddy, excited about his 'new' work truck

351. little boys shooting dad with the squirt gun

352. The Grace of answered prayer, and a friend coming home from the hospital

353.  Happy Birthday, Grandpa!

354.  the miracle of Grace